The Fair Weather Scottish Secretary.

David Mundell and Ruth Davidson:  "The Scottish Government's Brexit impact reports are pure nonsense.  They're just scare mongering." Media:  "OK, we'll dutifully publish that statement in every news outlet in the land.  Now, can we see the UK Government's reports into the impact of Brexit on Scotland?" David Mundell: "There are no Scotland specific Brexit … Continue reading The Fair Weather Scottish Secretary.

A Man’s A Man for A’ That

OK, it's been some months since my last post.  Why?  Well, I basically got tired of looking for topics (or angles on topics) to write about, that weren't already being covered by at least one, far more well known and popular blogger than me.  There didn't seem to be much point in rehashing the same … Continue reading A Man’s A Man for A’ That

The City of Feefay

I love this Mexican news report on the opening of the Queensferry Crossing.  Despite describing it as joining the Capital, Edinburgh, with the "Cuidad de Feefay" (City of Feefay - which I admit gave me a chuckle), it still does a far better job of reporting the opening of this wonderful bridge than the BBC … Continue reading The City of Feefay

An abridged history of unionist claims and “promises”

2014 Unionists:  "We're better together.  Your pensions and welfare will be safer with the broad shoulders of the UK to safeguard them." Yessers:  "Don't believe them...they're liars." 2017 Yessers:  "They have robbed the WASPI women, increased the pension age to 68, taken the motability cars from thousands of disabled people, sanctioned the benefits of tens … Continue reading An abridged history of unionist claims and “promises”

(Still) on like Donkey Kong

After watching the First Minister's speech yesterday, I came away feeling quite pleased with what she had said.  I decided to give it some thought before commenting though, because I had the nagging feeling that there was a lot to consider in it.  I think I was right. I passed some of that time having … Continue reading (Still) on like Donkey Kong

PM: Scottish Parliament consent may be required for Great Repeal Bill.

Theresa May has conceded in Westminster today that a Legislative Consent Motion (LCM), may have to be passed by the Scottish Parliament, for the Great Repeal Bill to be passed into law. She was responding to a question from SNP MP Stewart McDonald.  The PM said: There is a possibility that a legislative consent motion may … Continue reading PM: Scottish Parliament consent may be required for Great Repeal Bill.

We need independence to kill the austerity zombie.

It's almost as if there wasn't an election last week at all. Theresa May called that election and fought it on the claim that she could provide "strong and stable" leadership.  What did she give us?  Weak minority government, uncertainty, and plummeting business confidence. Now I could blether on here about how the pathetically weak … Continue reading We need independence to kill the austerity zombie.

If the SNP drop ScotRef, it’s game over for me.

OK.  This might be controversial, but I'm just going to come out and say it because it's how I feel. There is a lot of speculation right now, mostly based on Nicola Sturgeon's post-election press conference, that the SNP might be considering dropping the independence referendum.  If they do that, I will be quitting the … Continue reading If the SNP drop ScotRef, it’s game over for me.

Exit Poll Early Thoughts.

Exit Poll first thoughts. 1) The exit poll has been very accurate over the last three elections, so chances are this one is pretty accurate too. 2) Looks like the SNP have lost a substantial number of seats. 3) It should not be assumed that those seats have been lost to the Tories. The "Corbyn … Continue reading Exit Poll Early Thoughts.