Dingy it.

Would yes supporters kindly do me a favour?

Stop sharing, liking or commenting on social media posts about Rooth the Mooth’s speech telling the FM to “sit down!”

Think about it. That’s what she wants. She’s not as dumb as Kez. She knew they were going to lose the vote. We all knew. So her only hope at salvaging something from it was playing to her crowd as a “strong leader standing up for the union”. She took it to the max by trying to act like the voice of Theresa Mayhem’s strong Scottish enforcer. The Yoons will lap it up. Do what Nicola did and don’t give a f**k. By passing it on you’re only playing her game.

Personally, I see desperation, but desperation from an opponent who isn’t as daft as many people think.  She’s figuring out her brand.  I think it’s a brand with limited appeal, but you never know.  Don’t help her grow it.  Just dingy her.  She’s a tw@t.


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