It’s ma ba’ an’ am takin’ it hame!

The Ayes have it!  And Fluffy is in a huff.  It took him precisely 7 minutes after the vote to declare he wisnae playin’ ony mair.

Let’s get one thing straight. It is not up to Theresa Mayhem, Rooth the Mooth, or Fluffy Mundell to tell us when the time is or isn’t. That is up to the people of Scotland, expressed through a mandate asked for and given, and subsequently endorsed by the democratically elected representatives of the people in the Scottish Parliament.

The United Kingdom exists under the principle of Governance by consent of the people. If Mayhem & Co. now try to block the Scotref, they are saying that they no longer intend to be held accountable to the democratic will or consent of the people; that they no longer accept the democratic mandate of our parliament. That is playing with fire. We will no longer have government by consent, but government by diktat. It will change the rules, and the game will not end well for the UK.  Make no mistake, we still have cards to play.

You’d have to be blind not to notice that project fear 2.0 is already underway.  Scottish office ads telling me how we do lots of lovely trade with the rUK, have been popping up when I log in to social media for ages now.  Not in England of course, just targeted at Scots.  Who’s paying for them I wonder?  The taxpayer I’d imagine.  Between that and the blatant bias on the BBC, Scotland must be the only country in history to have to pay for it’s own anti-independence propaganda.  More importantly, why are they bothering if they don’t plan to recognise the will of the people and allow us the vote?

We’ll see what way the Tories decide to play it once and for all, pretty soon I’d imagine.  If I may make a humble suggestion, let us play it cool.  Be honest, be respectful.  Debate, but don’t fight.  If a debate gets snarky, walk away.  Don’t fall into their “divisiveness” trap.  That’s what they want.  They want to be able to portray us as parochial, uncultured and uneducated.  Don’t let them.

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