When I first saw Etan Cohen and Mike Judge’s Idiocracy back in 2006, I found it mildly amusing.  Good enough to keep me watching to the end, but not the funniest movie I had ever seen.  It was just a little bit too…silly for my taste.  Sure, there were elements in it’s satirical picture of the future of western civilisation that rung true, but it was just too far fetched.  Fast-forward eleven years though, and I find myself wondering if it’s actually a documentary, brought to us from the near future by some time travelling good Samaritan, intent on saving us from destruction.

Think about it for a second.  Which of these two Presidents…

17904503_10154970393975923_696426124660775634_ndownload (1)

…has the most in common with this one?

download (2)
President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho

Certainly looks like we’re headed in that direction doesn’t it?  And it isn’t confined to US Presidents.  Britain’s PM, Theresa May, is about as sharp as a marble.  In fact, it doesn’t even stop at leaders.  Here’s Donald Trump’s cabinet:

OK, that’s not really Trump’s cabinet, but you could be forgiven for making the mistake.  Then you’ve got May’s box of wonders.  I only have to say “Boris Johnson” here to make the point.  These are people who say the public has “had enough of experts”, as if that would be a sensible reason to abandon expert advice, in favour of making it up as we go along.  And yet, that’s exactly what they seem to be doing.  Hard Brexit?  “Absolutely stupid thing to do” says almost every economist in the world.  “Nah, it’ll be fine, shut up experts”, says the Tory Government,

Now, the thinking reader might at this point be saying to him/herself; “but wait a minute, maybe they’re not as dumb as they appear.  Maybe they know exactly what they’re doing.  Maybe they are just selfish, greedy, immoral, unethical parasites.  Maybe they use misinformation, propaganda and outright lies to enable them to continue enriching themselves, and the corporations and funds they have investments in, at the expense of the country and the public.  Surely then, they can’t be that dumb?”

That would mean that while we’re not exactly governed by the dumbest people, we are in fact governed by the worst people.  I have my own opinion on that question.  I’ll leave readers to theirs.  Is this an idiocracy, or a kakistocracy?  Yes, that’s a word.

This is a good point for the Artist Taxi Driver to quickly remind us of just some of the things they are doing, and thereby save me a lot of typing:

There’s another, equally important question we need to ask here.  What about the people who vote for them?  This is the point I’ve been coming to.  It’s a simple point, and it’s this:  If you intend to vote Tory in the upcoming elections, you need to ask yourself whether you’re an idiot, or a despicable human being.  You either know exactly what this Tory Government is doing, or you don’t.  If you are genuinely too stupid to realise what they’re doing, you at least have an excuse.  If you’re just to lazy to look away from your Daily Mail/Express/Telegraph and see, or if you know what they’re doing and intend to vote for them anyway, because you don’t care, you are one of those worst human beings.

If you think the Tories are “the party that’s the safest pair of hands for the economy”, and that’s why you vote Tory, you’re an idiot.

If you think the Tories assault on the poor, vulnerable, and benefits claimants is justified, because “benefits cheats” are fleecing the country, while they do nothing about the corporations and tax evaders costing the country fifteen times as much, you’re an idiot.

If you think the Tories are the only party who will deliver Brexit, you’re an idiot.  The Article 50 bill passed Parliament with no significant opposition.  Labour also intend to pursue Brexit.

If you think the Tories are the “patriotic party”, you’re an idiot.  Singing Rule Britannia and waving a union flag with one hand, while wrecking the economy and asset stripping the country with the other isn’t patriotism, it’s robbery.

If you know that the Tories have cut corporation tax, capital gains tax, the bank levy, inheritance tax, and the top rate of income tax, handing £70bn to the wealthiest in the country, while stripping disabled people of £30 per week and their mobility cars, and you still vote Tory, you’re despicable.

If you know that 3.6 million children in the UK live in poverty, and that this Tory government’s policies are pushing 400,000 more children across the UK into poverty by 2020, and you still vote Tory, you’re despicable.

If you know about the Tory expenses and election fraud, the bedroom tax, the rape clause, and the indefensible benefits sanctions being imposed on claimants, leaving them destitute and reliant on food banks to feed their families, and you still intend to vote Tory, you’re despicable.

Here’s the thing.  If you know about all of these things, and you still intend to vote Tory in May and/or June, you are not just ignoring these unpleasant facts.  You are agreeing to these policies.  You are endorsing them.  You are endorsing policies that the UN is investigating over human rights breaches.  There is no economic, moral or ethical defence for these policies or supporting them.  You don’t get to vote Tory and then claim it isn’t your fault.  You are responsible.  You voted for it.  You are despicable.  Unless of course, you can claim the idiot defence.


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