Round ’em up!

This really grinds my grapes, and not in a good way.
OK.  You Sir/Madam, are an imbecile.  (After getting it out of my system and calming down, the following has been edited to remove the sweary words).


The NHS is not in trouble because of smokers, fat people, people getting prescriptions for painkillers, drinkers or drug users; and the idea that anyone is getting ibuprofen or paracetamol for free, when in the majority of the UK (i.e. outside Scotland) it would cost you £8.50 for a prescription when you could get it from ASDA for 50p is just simply stupidity of the highest order.


The person who wrote this is clearly a Tory voting Daily Mail, Express or Telegraph reader, dutifully spreading the Tory propaganda.  They’re either intentionally lying, or too thick to know that they, and people like them, are part of the real reason the NHS is in trouble.


It’s in trouble because the Tories have deliberately underfunded it for years; with a long-term plan of privatising it completely.
People spreading this kind of nonsense are helping them to do it by shifting the blame away from them and letting them get away with it. The Tories are shafting the country and enriching themselves (and their already insanely rich chums), while convincing the public to bend over, part their cheeks, and ask for more; while blaming each other for the condoms breaking.


People are saying “RIP NHS” because they know the Tories are destroying it , and they suspect it’s essentially doomed if they win this election, along with democracy and any sense of morality this country used to have.


“Just be a little less ignorant”.  Yeah, that’s sound advice. I’d recommend starting by throwing your Daily Mail in the bin and stopping getting your news from billionaire foreigners and tax evaders like Murdoch, Rothermere, the Barclay brothers or the BBC, which is now populated almost entirely by Tories or their supporters.


This is just the same kind of bullshit you hear from people blaming immigrants, or benefits claimants, for the country’s problems. Let’s not bother with any actual facts eh? You know, like the fact that immigrants contribute far more economically to the country than they take, or that mass immigration was a Tory policy, or that benefits sanctions cost far more to administer than they save, while leaving the most vulnerable people in abject poverty and misery.


Never mind that a decade of Tory austerity ideology has not reduced the national debt (it’s supposed aim), and in fact has increased it by more than every single Labour government in history combined.

But no, it’s not the Tories fault is it? Nothing is their fault. Can’t be their fault ‘cos they wave union flags and like the queen. They’re proper patriotic Brexiters them. No, must be the poor people’s fault, and the fat people, and the immigrants, and the frivolous GP users, and the benefits cheats, and the disabled.

Don’t worry yourself about the inconvenient fact that (as the Tories drive more and more families into poverty), study after study has consistently shown that poverty is inextricably linked with poor health, alcohol and drug abuse.

Why don’t those useless cripples grow some legs and get back to being productive like the rest of us? Selfish pricks.

It’s the standard Tory justification narrative, playing to your emotional reaction.  The “scroungers” are the problem, not the government.

Never mind that tax evasion by the wealthiest individuals, and biggest multinational corporations, cost this country fifteen times as much as benefit fraud in lost revenue, as they siphon the country’s wealth off to Panama and the Cayman Islands with the Tories blessing, and as the Government employs ten times as many tax inspectors to chase benefits cheats as it does to chase the tax avoiders.

The evidence that Mr. (or Mrs.) Daily Mail reader needs to “educate him/her self” about is staring him (or her) in the face.  It’s the evidence that other countries in Europe have national health services, pretty much the same demographics as us, and in some cases smaller and/or weaker economies (Portugal, Italy, Spain, Ireland for example); and yet their health services are coping just fine.  Funny that.  It’s almost as if us having the most extreme right-wing government and media propaganda in Europe has something to do with it.

That right wing government essentially abolished the NHS in 2012, with the Health and Social Care Act of that year, which removed the Government’s legal responsibility to provide a national health service for British Citizens (the legal foundation of the NHS and of our rights and entitlement to health care), and transformed the NHS into a market open to private corporations.

The reality is that the overwhelming factor causing increasing pressure on the NHS is our increasing longevity.  The proportion of the population over 65 has increased significantly, and is still increasing.  Older people rely on healthcare far more than the young.  That means more money has to be allocated to the NHS to compensate.  The Government could easily do that if they wanted to.  They could chase down the £34bn+ in avoided tax and fund the increase many times over.  They choose not to, and that choice is an ideological one.  They don’t want to fund the NHS.  They want to sell it off into private hands, make themselves richer, and charge us all for services we have already paid for through tax.

A healthy surplus to a huge deficit in a couple of years.  People didn’t suddenly get fatter, unhealthier, start drinking more and abusing the NHS practically overnight.  The NHS crisis is due to deliberate underfunding, not overspending.

But no, it’s probably ‘cos of fat people.  Or disabled people.  Or stupid people.  Or fat, stupid, disabled people.  And the immigrants, especially the browner ones.  Yeah, it’s those bastards faults.  Maybe we should round ’em up and put ’em somewhere out of sight?


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