A Plea To Everyone.


Regretfully, I can’t make it. I tried to get cover at work but I can’t, and I work in social support, so I have no choice. I can’t leave a vulnerable person to go campaigning.
I really, sincerely wish I could be there.

I would  give anything for the chance to be there on Saturday, just to walk with people of a like mind, and declare my support in public.  Just to show the Tories and their voters how much support we really have.

I urge every single independence supporter who can make it, regardless of party affiliation, to get off your arse and go, just this one time.  If you have the day off, go.

If you want independence, it’s time to show it.

Not to yourself, or to like-minded people, but to the British establishment and the Tories.

If you have a car, and you can afford it, you have no excuse (talk to your neighbours and car pool).  If you don’t, but you know someone who does, make a pooling arrangement for fuel costs and go.  If you can’t do that, get the bus or the train. If you know an old or disabled person who wants to go, help them.   If you’re near enough, walk.  Whatever it takes.

Show them our voice will not be silenced. Show them there is a demand in Scotland for a second indyref, no matter how much they use their media chums to pretend there isn’t. Show them we are a force to be reckoned with.  Show them we will not allow the Tories to redefine democracy. If they don’t “see” our elected representatives, show them visually, through sheer force of numbers, that we will not be ignored.

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