We need independence to kill the austerity zombie.

It's almost as if there wasn't an election last week at all. Theresa May called that election and fought it on the claim that she could provide "strong and stable" leadership.  What did she give us?  Weak minority government, uncertainty, and plummeting business confidence. Now I could blether on here about how the pathetically weak … Continue reading We need independence to kill the austerity zombie.


If the SNP drop ScotRef, it’s game over for me.

OK.  This might be controversial, but I'm just going to come out and say it because it's how I feel. There is a lot of speculation right now, mostly based on Nicola Sturgeon's post-election press conference, that the SNP might be considering dropping the independence referendum.  If they do that, I will be quitting the … Continue reading If the SNP drop ScotRef, it’s game over for me.

Exit Poll Early Thoughts.

Exit Poll first thoughts. 1) The exit poll has been very accurate over the last three elections, so chances are this one is pretty accurate too. 2) Looks like the SNP have lost a substantial number of seats. 3) It should not be assumed that those seats have been lost to the Tories. The "Corbyn … Continue reading Exit Poll Early Thoughts.

A Plea To Everyone.

March for your future.   Regretfully, I can't make it. I tried to get cover at work but I can't, and I work in social support, so I have no choice. I can't leave a vulnerable person to go campaigning. I really, sincerely wish I could be there. I would  give anything for the chance … Continue reading A Plea To Everyone.

The Hatred Carousel.

Today I woke up to the horrendous news of another callous, inhuman terrorist attack; this time against innocent children enjoying a night out at a concert.  My heart goes out to all of those affected. Later I logged on to Facebook, and was saddened beyond belief to see my timeline full of the same old … Continue reading The Hatred Carousel.

Don’t Get Angry, Get Smart.

This article, which will likely be splashed across every unionist media outlet in the country in the morning, which let's face it, is most of them; is exactly why independence supporters need to take a walk round the garden when they're pissed off, count to ten, and bloody think before commenting on Facebook or tweeting … Continue reading Don’t Get Angry, Get Smart.

Round ’em up!

This really grinds my grapes, and not in a good way. OK.  You Sir/Madam, are an imbecile.  (After getting it out of my system and calming down, the following has been edited to remove the sweary words).   The NHS is not in trouble because of smokers, fat people, people getting prescriptions for painkillers, drinkers … Continue reading Round ’em up!