A Plea To Everyone.

March for your future.   Regretfully, I can't make it. I tried to get cover at work but I can't, and I work in social support, so I have no choice. I can't leave a vulnerable person to go campaigning. I really, sincerely wish I could be there. I would  give anything for the chance … Continue reading A Plea To Everyone.

The Hatred Carousel.

Today I woke up to the horrendous news of another callous, inhuman terrorist attack; this time against innocent children enjoying a night out at a concert.  My heart goes out to all of those affected. Later I logged on to Facebook, and was saddened beyond belief to see my timeline full of the same old … Continue reading The Hatred Carousel.

Don’t Get Angry, Get Smart.

This article, which will likely be splashed across every unionist media outlet in the country in the morning, which let's face it, is most of them; is exactly why independence supporters need to take a walk round the garden when they're pissed off, count to ten, and bloody think before commenting on Facebook or tweeting … Continue reading Don’t Get Angry, Get Smart.

Round ’em up!

This really grinds my grapes, and not in a good way. OK.  You Sir/Madam, are an imbecile.  (After getting it out of my system and calming down, the following has been edited to remove the sweary words).   The NHS is not in trouble because of smokers, fat people, people getting prescriptions for painkillers, drinkers … Continue reading Round ’em up!

Liar Liar 2: Come What May.

Synopsis: Theresa May, UK PM, can't lie for 24 hours after a ten-year old boy, despairing at the state of the country and his prospects, makes a birthday wish. Year: 2017. Director: Lekraw.  Writer: Lekraw.  Stars: Theresa May, Lynton Crosby, Laura Kuenssberg.     *** "Not very funny" - Empire     **"Like it was … Continue reading Liar Liar 2: Come What May.


When I first saw Etan Cohen and Mike Judge's Idiocracy back in 2006, I found it mildly amusing.  Good enough to keep me watching to the end, but not the funniest movie I had ever seen.  It was just a little bit too...silly for my taste.  Sure, there were elements in it's satirical picture of the future … Continue reading Kakistocracy

General Election 2017

Now there's a title I didn't think I'd be writing this year. Theresa May today announced that she will ask Parliament to suspend the Fixed Terms Parliament Act in order to hold a snap election on June 8th.  Just seven weeks from now. Why is she doing it after weeks of denying she would?  Well, … Continue reading General Election 2017

Tinfoil Fedora

Where's my tinfoil fedora?  Ah...found it. Thank God.  I need it because of all the things.  You know...all the things that our governments and big pharma and big agro are doing to us.  Poisoning us with chemtrails, hiding the cure for cancer, giving us cancer with their "synthetic chemicals", GMOs,  vaccines, 9/11, telling us the … Continue reading Tinfoil Fedora

Slow News Day Round-up

It's a slow period for political news, what with both Westminster and Holyrood being on Easter recess.  As we eagerly await the First minister's announcement, after the break, on how the Scottish Government intend to take the independence referendum issue forward, there isn't a whole lot to cover.  However, there are a couple of interesting … Continue reading Slow News Day Round-up